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General Excavation

We understand the needs of contractors and homeowners, and provide quality excavation services of all types. C&S Excavation can dig foundations and basements of all sizes. We are also experienced in residential grading, clearing, fire lanes and drainage, providing rough grading, trenches, water retention services.


Septic Systems

C&S Excavation specializes in the excavation for any size and any type of septic system. We offer an open minded and custom approach to septic systems to complete your drain field design.  


Water & Sewer

We excavate for all types of water lines and sewer lines. Utilizing today’s techniques and equipment to assist in the install nearly any underground water or sewer line. We can often times complete these jobs with the least amount of digging and land disruption. This reduces the amount of landscape repairs you have to deal with. 



We offer trenching services for a variety of applications, from irrigation pipeline installations to residential utility services, such as water, sewer, gas, electrical, or communications. This is especially useful in new construction projects, because we are able to complete all of the digging and trenching while we are on site.

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